Sunday, July 12, 2009


I know you are all waiting with baited breath to see how my "noo-poo" experiment has been going.

I can proudly say I went two weeks without an ounce of shampoo touching my hair. I didn't grow dreads, I didn't become a grease ball and I certainly didn't smell. And trust me, that was huge because this is coming from a person who loves to exercise and sweat....a LOT. The only reason shampoo eventually touched my hair was because I had a hair cut a few days ago. But I'm back in the game!

What I did notice was my hair becoming a lot softer all on its own. No "cones" to produce that effect, just good natural shine and softness.

Anyway don't worry I won't continue to talk about this hippy-ish escapade for every post. Next few posts should be filled with more Divaisms and/or pics of just pure cuteness.


I didn't really think people were going to take me seriously on this or even want to try it themselves so that's why I didn't write down a lot of specifics. At any rate here they are:

-Shampoo=bad, Conditioners containing ingredients such as amodimethicone, dimethicone, silcone=bad.
-Buy some non-"cone" conditioner. Suave Naturals is cheap and cone- free. Burt's Bees is also great. Aveda is another one that makes natural products.
-Use that conditioner in place of shampoo. "Co-wash" as often as you would shampoo.
-Arm yourself with some Arm&Hammer Baking soda (har har har). Once a week I scrubbed my scalp with a tsp of baking soda in one cup of water along with a tsp of honey. It felt SO good on my scalp. Make sure you follow up with some cone-free conditioner.

If you're really truly interested in all of this, google "No-Poo" and a plethora of information will come up.


Lindsay said...

You LOVE to sweat??? Ewww. Ha ha.

Glad your experiment seems to be working out. But you gotta let everyone know what type of "no-cone" conditioner you're using. I'm curious. I'd like to replace my Loreal and Patene cone crap.

TheKeilShpeel said...

Wait.. so do you use any product at all? What about swimming.. I know that is hard on your hair too but I love to be in the pool. I should have asked you when I saw you at church but I was dealing with a major blowout and change of clothes for my little boy.

Jenni Ball said...

Thanks for the update! I'll definitely be trying this out!!!

Morgan and Derek said...

I am suberbly interested and once the insanity that is moving is complete, will be hoping on the band wagon.

Bree said...

Do you still use other styling products on your hair after to help control the curls or heat protection if you are straightening? Yes, even more questions.

I've got to google this.....

TR said...

I tried that once many years ago. Now you've inspired me to try it again... I don't think I held out long enough!


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