Monday, June 22, 2009

Good thing I had my running shoes on

Let me paint you all a little scene here:

It's almost 9am and I am taking Diva to her day camp. It's only 3 hours two days a week. The entire way over she is screaming.bloody.murder. "I DON'T WANNA GO!!"

Cute right?

We arrive at our destination and I take Lil' Sis' out of the car, go around the other side and let Diva get out on her own. She walks somewhat willingly to the building (but all the while screaming screaming screaming). I let go of her hand for two seconds to open the door and she bolts.

Now this place is on a very busy street. She takes off, first running in circles like a chicken with its head cut off and then down the sidewalk. And trust me when I say, SHE IS FAST. At first I'm kind of bewildered but then I get my whits about me and I run after her (with a 15 month old and a backpack in my arms!!) She sees me running after her and runs faster. Oh my gosh.

And then I realize how smart I was to don my gym clothes before I brought her over.

I'm still running after her and I start laughing because I'm sure this whole scene is absolutely hilarious when you're not participating in it.

Finally I catch her. I pick her up with my free arm, dump her with Tamra (who is awesome) and see that Lil' Sis's shoes fell off in the whole process. Sigh. I pick up her shoes and am walking back to the car when another mother walks out of the building and says, "Your daughter already stopped crying and she's perfectly fine."

In ten years I'll ask Diva why she did the things she does now and hopefully I'll receive a good answer.


The Salvesens said...

Haha has that child made you grow grey hairs yet? Or have you just pulled out all of your hair, while screaming at the top of your lungs. She is so hilarious. And sweet Lil content. Love her. I need to see you guys ASAP! It's been forever and I hate it.Miss you guys!

Lindsay said...

Okay, I'm tired of waiting for someone else to leave a comment.

That girl is just too funny. Good thing you're in good shape. Running with a 15 month old is no small feat. I miss you guys!

TR said...

Is she an actress or for real?

Bree said...

To answer your question, yes, that is pretty funny when you are not participating in it. She is hilarious! Hopefully she will have a better answer to give you for her antics, other than karma. Just think how much fun you will have watching her chase her very own 3 year old 20 years that is! We miss you guys!

debora said...

She's an actress Tracy. A very good one, I must say.
Dare I say it Carly? PAYBACK!

Singerman Family said...

I laughed while reading this. Haha your newest impression of me is probably the bum who sits around the house in pajamas and no make-up. Not to mention my hair has been a mess. But I have enjoyed getting to know your family a little bit better. "Diva" is so funny. I have caught her more than once hiding with the M&M bag. :) I have enjoyed reading a few stories to her. And the "lil sis" is adorable. She is so calming to just hold. Your girls are great. Keep in touch! -Alex


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