Thursday, March 27, 2008

Umm....I don't think so

Okay so today is my "official" due date. No, I did not go into labor last night and am not feeling any more "labory" today. However BabyCenter, a website I frequent, insists I did. This is the message waiting for me on their website;

Your life: You're a parent!

This week, reality sets in — you have a baby! He's all yours, he's home with you, and he's dependent on you for love, care, and feeding. No doubt you've been reading up on what to do and how to do it. We've got plenty of articles and tools to refresh your memory and teach you new tips, but our best advice this week: Don't try to master the art of caring for a baby all at once. Take it easy, take it slow. Your newborn is more durable than you might think. He's getting used to you as much as you and dad are getting used to him. Like all good relationships, this one will take some time.

Uh....NO I DO NOT HAVE A BABY!! Apparently they think every baby is on time. Oh how convenient that would be. I'm not bitter, I promise. However it's becoming increasingly more uncomfortable to do everyday things as I'm sure all you reformed preggos can understand. Not to mention Casey wakes up every time I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom SURELY thinking I'm in labor. No Go back to sleep. He never actually ASKS but I'm sure he's thinking it.

So moral of the story, I'm still pregnant and probably will be tomorrow and the day after and the day after. Blah!


Bob C said...

Congratulations on your baby!!! How tough was it? Did you have fun having her? March 27?

Or, could the doctor just be off a month?

We are hoping for an April fool.

debora said...

Carly aren't you glad your Dad is so hilarious...said without any sarcasm whatsoever.
He's now using all the lines he used on me when I was a week overdue.
Keep your chin up Carlshead jr.!

Lindsay said...

Has Dad called you "El Estomacho" yet? That was Mom's favorite, I heard.

Yes, I, too, groaned when I saw BBC's message. Especially when it said "Your baby is 1 week old!" and there was still no baby. Nice. I really hope that doesn't happen to you.


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